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Remote Deposit Express
Remote Deposit Express is a secure, electronic check courier service for companies that can eliminate the time, costs, and inefficiencies associated with manual deposit processing.


  • No more trips to the bank to physically transport checks
  • No teller lines to wait in
  • Automation of deposit preparation
  • Deposits can be made outside of traditional banking hours
Expense Reductions
  • Reduced personnel time going to the bank
  • Reduced auto or mileage transportation expense
  • Reduced account expenses
  • Elimination of courier expense
Accelerated Clearings
  • Ability to deposit more items earlier, helping eliminate desk float
  • Possible extended cut-off times for deposit
  • Improved working capital
  • Improved availability
  • Enhanced cash flow from cash management operations
Account Consolidation
  • Eliminates the need to have a local banking relationship associated with each location of a business

    • Higher volume could result in lower per-item charges, return and posting fees.
    • Larger balances and item volume could provide expanded credit relationships
    • Potential for a more efficient corporate treasury that has more time to focus on more productive endeavors
    • Potential savings in time and coasts associated with bank account analysis, reconciliation, and management; creating, balancing, and transporting deposits; and associated keying and preparation for posting to accounts receivable.
Risk Reduction
  • Reduced fraud and return item risk

    • The faster a company can clear an item, the faster they learn about return items
  • The risk of moving items to the bank will be substantially reduced

    • Safe and secure transmissions utilizing the built-in application features.
  • Simplified accounting and reconciliation
  • Detailed reports of daily deposits and no deposit slips to complete
  • Option to create customized reports
  • Option to export deposit information in a format that can be imported into accounting software
  • Option to archive images which can facilitate deposited item research
Simplified Processing Steps
  • Steps taken by companies to process checks the traditional way:

Simplified Processing Steps
  • Steps taken by companies to process checks using Remote Deposit Express:

Faster, Safer, Easier Banking
  • Staff time spent on bundling checks, preparing deposit slips and making trips to the bank can be devoted to other core management tasks
  • Overall peace of mind in knowing deposits are made daily and on time

Would you like to eliminate the inefficiencies, costs and time involved with manual paper deposit processing?

Our new Remote Deposit Express service means faster, safer banking — and more convenience for you!

Contact a Rio Banker and sign up today!