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Password Security

Almost every website you visit today requires a username and password to be entered. Just when you manage to memorize one, you are forced to change it. As annoying as this may seem, the reality is that we sometimes take passwords for granted. The main purpose for a password is to serve as the first and sometimes the only line of defense to protect important information. Passwords keep unauthorized users from accessing financial information, health data, private and company documents. They are also what identifies you on a particular system.

Password Dos

  • Create a unique password for all the different systems you use. If you dont, then one breach leaves all your accounts vulnerable
  • Use unpredictable passwords with a combination of lowercase, uppercase, numbers and special characters. Use a password that is at least 8 characters in length if possible
  • Change password regularly at a minimum at least quarterly, and whenever they may have become compromised

Password Donts

  • Dont give your password to anyone for any reason
  • Dont write your password near your PC
    • Anywhere near your PC
    • In your laptop bag
    • In user manuals
    • Electronically in Word documents
    • Sent in eMails
  • Dont use personal information in your password such as: your name, your friends name, pets name, addresses, social security number, phone number, license plate number, important dates such as birthdays or anniversaries
  • Do not use easy to spot passwords such as 123456 or Password01
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