Remote Deposit Express

Remote Deposit Express allows your business to process checks in a secure, convenient, online environment. It uses a small desktop scanner to capture check images, verify amounts and transmit your deposit electronically.   It utilizes a desktop imaging scanner and an easy to use web browser to view your deposit activity daily.



  • No more trips to the bank to physically transport checks
  • No teller lines to wait in
  • Automation of deposit preparation
  • Deposits can be made outside of traditional banking hours

Expense Reductions

  • Reduced personnel time going to the bank
  • Reduced auto or mileage transportation expense
  • Reduced account expenses
  • Elimination of courier expense

Accelerated Clearings

  • Ability to deposit more items earlier, helping eliminate "desk float"
  • Possible extended cut-off times for deposit
  • Improved Working capital
  • Improved availability
  • Enhanced cash flow from cash management operations
  • Faster check clearing will allow you to take action on returned checks sooner and increase your chances of recovering funds

Easy Set Up

All you need is a PC and a secure internet connection.  We will offer you a user friendly Remote Deposit scanner and all the necessary software.

Whenever you want to make deposits, the system will take you through each simple step to follow instructions and prompts.

Remote Deposit 

To learn more about how Remote Deposit Express may work for your business feel free to contact a bank representative at (956)631-7890 or visit a branch near you.