Event Manager - Text/Email Alerts

Event Manager eAlerts is a simple, free*, straight forward way to set up electronic email or text alerts based on transaction activity.  Sign up for eAlerts to be notified of low balance, check clearing, ATM and Debit Card Activity and much more.

Listed below are some of the different alert types Rio Bank Electronic Banking has the ability to send.

Checking Accounts

  • Low Balance Alert
  • Withdrawal Alert
  • ATM/Debit Card Alert
  • Check Clear Alert
  • Deposit Alert
  • New Real-time POS/ATM transaction alert

Savings Accounts

  • Withdrawal Alert
  • Deposit Alert

Certificate of Deposit

  • CD Maturity
  • Daily Activity Alert

Loan Accounts

  • Loan Payment received Alert
  • Loan Payment due Alert

Low Balance Alert

sends an alert once your balance has fallen below your preset limit. This alert recurs immediately. 

Daily Activity Alert

sends an alert that contains the transactions that have posted to the account. This alert recurs daily. 

CD Maturity Alert

sends an alert when Certificate of Deposit renewals or matures. 

Loan Payment Received/
Due Date Alert

sends an alert when Loan payment has been made or when payment is due. 


To learn more about getting started with eAlerts, Click here.

For answers to additional questions, please view our page Frequently Asked Questions

*Your cell phone provider may charge additional fees for Web Access or Text messages.

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