MasterCard® Debit Card

Easily save time and money by using your Debit Card to get cash from an ATM.  Similar to a credit card, use your Debit Card to make purchases online, in a store, or at any merchant that accepts Mastercard. It's the easy, safe way to pay for purchases while managing your expenses. Your completed purchases are then electronically debited from your checking account and are itemized on your monthly statement.

Report Lost or Stolen Debit Card


Debit Card Fraud Detection Call Center  

Must provide Fraud number.

866-750-9107 or 877-253-8964

Debit Card Activation or PIN change




Fraud is a growing threat and a serious business. Certain countries and states may be excluded from POS signature transaction due to either fraud protection or to align with certain federal guidelines and restrictions.  For your protection, only PIN-based transactions (no signatures) will be allowed using your card for certain transaction activity.  If you're traveling or making a POS purchase at an excluded country or state, you may be blocked.  Contact a personal banker at 956-631-7890 and request a Travel Notification to be placed on your debit card to allow signature-based transactions.


Instant Issue Debit Cards

Card At OnceGet your Debit Card on the Spot!

Receive your debit card before you leave the bank when you open your checking account or if your debit card is lost or damaged, get a new one instantly at any Rio Bank location. Just come into a branch and receive a new debit card right on the spot. Your new debit card will be ready to use the second you walk out of the branch. No waiting for the mail. No calling to activate. No worries.

  • Select from our gallery of cards
  • Start making purchases right away
  • Accepted anywhere MasterCard® is accepted  

 Instant Issue Debit Cards 2019

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