Making an ATM Deposit is Fast and Easy


Rio Bank's ATMs now have the ability to accept ATM deposits by scanning your cash or checks — saving you time when making a deposit. These ATMs enhance the deposit process in several ways:

  • Receive images of deposited checks on receipt
  • Receive itemized list of cash deposited on receipt
  • Receive summary total of amount deposited on receipt
  • Deposits must be made by 5 p.m. central time for same day posting.


How it Works

Using a Deposit Image ATM is easy and on-screen instructions are provided.

  1. Deposit Cash & Checks directly into the ATM

    No deposit slip is needed when depositing cash and checks into the ATM.
  2. Deposit up to 30 checks and 50 bills 

    You don’t have to feed your bills or checks in one-by-one.  Just straighten them out and put them in the appropriate ATM slot when prompted.

  3. See your checks on your receipt

    The ATM will provide you an itemized list of your cash and print images on the bottom of your printed receipt upon request.


All deposits are subject to the Bank’s Funds Availability Policy.