ACH Services/Electronic Payment Services

ACH Origination allows any business client to create electronic payments and deposits. Participation in ACH Origination can reduce the costs associated with manually processing debits and credits. Eliminate costs associated with the preparation, delivery, and reconcilement of checks. ACH Services is secure, reliable, and cost-effective for any business client. Rio Bank is here to help you. Our ACH service is designed for qualifying businesses that have a large number of direct deposits, payments or collections on a recurring basis.


  • Increase Your Revenue: You can increase your revenue by providing more payment options for your customer.
  • Reduce Returned Payments: Through pre-scheduled payments, customers can make sure their funds are in their accounts.
  • Improve Efficiency and Accuracy: Replace manual, paper-based payment processes with electronic payments.
  • Experience a More Predictable Cash Flow: For your business forecasting and planning.

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